We believe that currently the best strategy to integrate machine learning into your systems is to train your employees and empower them. To accomplish this we run standard workshops or more personalised training. We have one track for managers and one for data scientists/developers/analysts


Our workshops are designed to provide a fast track to DL. We offer much more than just a tutorial. We takle real world problems and guide you to a solution, as we think this is the best way to learn. We will also explain you what are the best frameworks/tools for the problem and why. Group discounts available, please contact us.

Personalised training

In such a growing and competitive market is very difficult to recruit top talents or even find people with practical Data Science experience. That’s where we want to help. Depending on the needs of your organization our team can design a specific program tailored for your team needs. You know your business better than anyone else, we will just help you use Machine Learning in the most efficient and effective way.


Ideai is a training and consultancy company to help you use machine learning efficiently in your business. We have extensive experience training people working at top companies in all fields: large commercial banks like Danske Bank, elite sports team like NY Knicks, big consultancy firms like McKinsey & Company or top social networks like Badoo.


We have experience on the full Data Science cycle, starting from the business side to productionise Machine Learning

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